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The Team

Our Team consists of six partners with international backgrounds and high levels of motivation. Our personal struggles with the products offered in the market today has motivated us to synthesise selectiveness, quality and design, all at excellent value.

John Tsapanidis
Founder - CEO

Born a perfectionist, entrepreneur John is the creator of MYST® Company, 2014. MYST® is one of the first Luxury Food & Beverages companies worldwide.

Kalli Bakali
Founder - Director of Marketing

Driven by her passion for excellence, her business skills and a broad marketing knowledge, Kalli is advancing MYST’s global presence to new levels.

Sakis Dalkalitsis
Founder - Director of Finance

Brand builder, entrepreneur Sakis is one of the successful creators of frozen yogurt company in Scandinavia and the mastermind behind Service, an outstanding Swedish service company.

Michael Dalkalitsis
Export Manager

Specialist in global exports, Michalis is a true professional. He played a major role in the creation of the frozen yogurt company in Scandinavia. Together with his brother Sakis, he has developed one of the biggest service company in Sweden.

Giannis Bakalis
Chief of Production

Giannis holds longstanding tradition with olive trees & olive oil, owning a property of 2,000 olive trees at the foothills of Olympus. He is an olive oil connoisseur and has attended numerous seminars on the official Assessment Method of Virgin Olive Oil.

Ivan Venkov
Vessel Designer

Ivan specializes in complex aesthetics, luxury design and brand positioning. IV’s objects are a juncture of artistic thinking and design aesthetics.

Design team

Haris Kakoulidis

Branding / Logo / Packaging

Ivan Venkov

Vessel Designer

Yiannis Konstantakopoulos

Web design & Development

The bottle designed for MYST is a visual answer to the intricacy and delicate taste of high quality olive oil. The contrasting sharp and round shapes that pierce forward are an analogy to the product itself.

Ivan Venkov Vessel Designer



Our purpose was not to create something to hold our precious liquid but something that would contain the olive oil's soul.

We couldn't achieve the result without COVIM ("Consorzio Vetrerie Industriali Milano"), an Italian manufacture with a long standing tradition in the design and development of special glass bottles and containers.


To create something extraordinary you need to work together with specialised partners.

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